HI I'm Jess

I’m a bay area designer on a mission to bring good design and better experiences into the world.

It all started when I got my first copy of Photoshop 7 at the age of 11. I self taught myself how to create animated web banners and web pages as a hobby. My design obsession mixed with intense curiosity has lead me to explore many different mediums since then. 

I graduated with a graphic design degree, and have since expanded my professional knowledge from marketing design to user interfaces and user research. My love of tech brought me to my latest experience designing for virtual reality. I am always up for broadening my vision and learning something new. 

When I’m not pixel pushing in Photoshop or overanalyzing iPhone app interactions, you can find me playing my purple ukulele,  practicing my warrior II yoga pose, or binge watching a Netflix original series with my dog.